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      The steel bar shed, also known as the protective shed, plays an indispensable protective role in construction sites. When setting up the steel bar shed, it is important to pay attention to several points:
      1. 工具式鋼筋加工棚搭設具體尺寸根據現場實際情況確定。
      1. The specific size of the tool type steel bar processing shed shall be determined based on the actual situation on site.
      2. 搭設在塔吊回轉半徑和建筑物周邊的加工車間設置雙層硬質防護。
      2. Double layer hard protection shall be installed in the processing workshop located around the turning radius of the tower crane and the building.
      3. 加工車間地面需硬化,宜選用砼地面。
      3. The ground of the processing workshop needs to be hardened, and concrete ground should be selected.
      4. 加工車間頂部應張掛警示標識和宣傳用語的 橫幅,橫幅寬度宜為1m。
      4. Safety warning signs and safety propaganda slogans should be hung on the top of the processing workshop, with a width of 1m.
      5. 工具式鋼筋加工棚需在醒目處掛操作規程圖牌,圖牌 的尺寸為:寬×高=2000mm×1000mm。
      5. The tool type steel bar processing shed should be prominently hung with an operating procedure diagram board, with a size of: wide × Height=2000mm × 1000mm。
      6. 各種型材及構配件規格為參考值,具體規格應根據當 地風荷載、雪荷載進行核算。
      6. The specifications of various profiles and components are reference values, and the specific specifications should be calculated based on local wind and snow loads.
      7. 南方地區,如遇臺風應采取防風措施,可設置纜風繩。
      7. In the southern region, if encountering a typhoon, wind prevention measures should be taken and cable ropes can be set up.
      施工現場所有鋼筋加工場均需設置鋼筋棚,所有露天放置的施工設備均應搭設鋼筋棚,如攪拌機、砂漿機、輸送泵:在建筑物墜落半徑內或塔吊覆蓋范圍內的鋼筋棚需 要設置雙層防護;
      All steel bar processing yards on the construction site need to be equipped with steel bar sheds, and all construction equipment placed in the open air should be equipped with safety steel bar sheds, such as mixers, mortar machines, and delivery pumps. Steel bar sheds within the falling radius of buildings or within the coverage range of tower cranes need to be equipped with double layer protection;
      The columns of the steel reinforcement shed shall be made of square or round steel, painted with construction blue paint. On both sides of the steel reinforcement shed, octagonal braces shall be set up, and dense safety nets shall be fully hung. All horizontal rods shall extend 100mm beyond the outer side of the upright rods;
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