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      Column color steel plate enclosure
      The reason why many people nowadays attach great importance to the construction of construction site fences is that this type of fence can effectively ensure the safety and progress of construction, and at the same time, it also needs to take into account the city's appearance. Therefore, they will choose some fence structures with good overall effect. Therefore, during the construction process of construction site fences, many construction sites may choose to erect colored steel plate fences, The outstanding feature of this type of enclosure structure is its modern and minimalist style, while its aesthetics are also quite prominent. It is important to be able to be reused and can be used for the next project after one project is completed. During the construction process on the construction site, if various types of dirt are found, it is also very easy to clean, so it also has the characteristics of green and environmental protection, Can help construction companies reduce construction costs.
      Roman column color steel plate fence
      This is also a commonly used enclosure structure in the construction process of construction sites. For this type of Roman column colored steel plate enclosure, its advantages are also very many. For example, during the construction process of construction sites, it can achieve stable characteristics. Therefore, for those sites that require long-term construction, such as projects that may take several years to complete, choosing this construction site enclosure construction plan is good, On the other hand, it also has the characteristics of fashion, high-end, and elegant appearance. Therefore, for commercial housing developers, this method can also help real estate sales, thereby enabling enterprises to obtain greater profits. Importantly, because its appearance is very beautiful, if the construction site is adjacent to the main road, then this enclosure structure is the best choice.
      Masonry enclosure
      Among various construction site enclosure construction schemes, this type of wall enclosure structure is also quite popular. It can present a traditional retro style, so even if the construction site appears very dirty and messy, if this construction site enclosure construction scheme can be adopted, then the entire construction site can also become a beautiful scenery in the city, Its main characteristic is its durability and strong wind resistance. Therefore, in this case, for some areas along the southeast coast where typhoons often occur, this type of enclosure structure can be considered. In addition, during the construction of the construction site enclosure, it can also be painted with various patterns, which is more conducive to the promotion of the enterprise.
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