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      1. The on-site color steel plate enclosure should be sturdy, stable, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing, and the materials should be made of hard materials such as bricks and colored steel plates. It should not be composed of colored strips, bamboo fences, clay solid bricks, etc. Municipal road engineering should also set up red light warnings. In areas affected by deep foundation pits and areas with dense personnel flow, colored steel plates should be used.
      2. In the construction area, the enclosure of residential areas should generally not be less than 2.5m, and in other places, the height of the enclosure structure should not exceed 2.5m, and the spacing between columns should not exceed 3.6m. Fences should be calculated based on wind resistance, and the design and calculation of masonry fences and foundations should comply with standards and regulations.
      3. Masonry should not use air bucket walls, and the thickness should not be less than 200mm. The spacing between walls and columns should be set according to the design requirements, and should not exceed 2 diameter 6 @ 500 pull rod walls and wall columns between 5 meters.
      4. The unit using the colored steel plate fence should conduct regular inspections. When dangerous situations such as cracks and collapses occur, corresponding reinforcement measures should be taken immediately. Advertising or promotional signs should not be placed on light colored steel plates or near fences.
      As an infrastructure craze, China not only has many infrastructure projects, but also has many infrastructure and buildings in China, and some of these construction sites may be located in cities; The surrounding population is complex, and in order to protect the surrounding residents and the stability of the construction site, colored steel plate fences will be set up at this time, which can protect the safety of the people.
      1. The construction site gate adopts a 9m wide standard enclosure, and a 6m wide color steel plate enclosure is only used on both sides of the gate;
      2. Transparent barriers should be installed at the corners of road intersections, extending 3000mm to both sides to ensure traffic safety and stability;
      3. Warning facilities such as road guidance signs and reflective warning signs should be installed on the side of the road surrounded by colored steel plates to ensure traffic safety and stability;
      4. The enclosure should be regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure its integrity and cleanliness;
      5. It is strictly prohibited to rely on fences to stack building materials, debris, and other items on the inside and outside sides;
      6. In severe weather such as strong wind and rainstorm, the construction unit shall increase the inspection and repair of color steel plate enclosure to ensure its safety.
      This article is dedicated to friendship through the use of colored steel plates. For more information, please click on: http://www.alishabengemortgage.com Sincere attitude. We will provide you with comprehensive services. We will gradually contribute more relevant knowledge to everyone. Stay tuned

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