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      Excavation support is a very active commodity widely used in industries such as highways, railways, and highways in China. It can be made into durable network walls and serve as temporary barriers. It only requires different fixed column methods to complete. The net commodity benefits of structural barriers include aesthetics, economy, non deformation, and convenient equipment. It is a more interesting metal mesh wall that has been widely used in various industries. Strong anti-corrosion performance and low cost.


      Applicable situation of structural barrier net: Suitable for railway guardrail net. Structural guardrail net: First, select P-shaped columns, triangular flat iron as the outer frame side frame, and use more practical 6mm wire processing inside. Its main characteristics are strong anti-corrosion performance and low cost. The foundation pit guardrail of the campus fence: Choose a relatively safe anti-collision hook net. The border is mostly 60 columns, and the diamond shaped surface is scratch resistant.



      Structural barrier network suitable for highways: ordinary 48 cylinder, square 20X30 frame connected according to standard. The main characteristics of fences are low price, cheap equipment, limited product structure, low engineering cost, and easy long-distance transportation.


      This device is not affected by terrain and is suitable for hilly areas; Efficient anti-corrosion and long service life are the main reasons for the road traffic closure in the development, protection, training, and agricultural development zones of the Seine River enclosed mountainous areas.


      It is beautiful and useful for the distance of grasslands, the barrier of railways, highways, and so on. There are multiple options, and construction can not only save money, but also achieve a frightening effect.

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