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      Prefabricated fence manufacturers refer to professional manufacturers of prefabricated fences. Prefabricated fence manufacturers mainly produce the following types of fences: color steel fences, PVC fences, construction fences, construction fences, sandwich panel fences, and transparent fences. Prefabricated fence, as a new type of fence, is mainly paired with gray and white colors. It is mainly used as a spacing fence between construction sites and non construction sites in municipal engineering, also known as engineering fence or steel structure fence.


      Common specifications and dimensions of prefabricated fence manufacturers:

      裝配式圍擋廠家常用現貨規格:高2.03m、2.5m 柱中3.18m、6.18m 白板:47.5cm*0.5 厚灰板:36cm*0.5厚 橫梁:50mm*50mm*0.7厚 立柱:250mm*150mm*0.8厚 底盤:250mm*280mm*5.0厚,其他規格均可定制。

      Prefabricated fence manufacturers commonly use stock specifications: height 2.03m, 2.5m, column center 3.18m, 6.18m, white board: 47.5cm * 0.5m, thick gray board: 36cm * 0.5m, thick crossbeam: 50mm * 50mm * 0.7mm, thick column: 250mm * 150mm * 0.8mm, thick chassis: 250mm * 280mm * 5.0mm, other specifications can be customized.



      The assembly type fence is composed of two galvanized sheets of different specifications that are bent by the machine and then welded, and then sprayed together with the upper and lower crossbeams. The assembly type fence is made of steel coils directly purchased with color coated sheets, and then formed by the machine like the fence. Generally, a two meter high fence is composed of three white color coated sheets and one dark gray color coated sheet. An additional white color coated sheet is added to a 2.5 meter high fence. The specification of the column is 250 * 150, and the specification of the white color coated board is 47.5 centimeters wide. The dark gray color coated board is slightly narrower than the white color coated board, with a width of 36 centimeters per piece.


      The top of the prefabricated fence can be equipped with solar column headlights, which can serve as a warning at night. When installing the fence, it is necessary to measure the distance in advance. First, measure the specific distance between the columns, and then connect the bottom of the columns to the ground with expansion screws. If the construction ground is on land, embedded parts can be added, Insert the embedded parts into the soil and then connect the columns of the prefabricated fence with the embedded parts with screws; After placing the crossbeam, install the baffle plate one by one, fix it with drilling thread, and then install the slant support back brace. According to the construction requirements, it is also possible to install retro tile eaves on the top, which can have a more aesthetically pleasing effect.


      This article is organized and published by Linbian Fence. Have you gained some understanding of these contents? For more information, please click on: http://www.alishabengemortgage.com We will have more exciting content waiting for you to check out.

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